We are eAssistance International

We are an international assistance company offering a wide range of services related primarily to medical, technical and legal assistance. We specialize in the Central Europe region, but we are able to provide assistance worldwide. Our main goal is to deliver the highest assistance standard to our customers and to meet their expectations in the best way. We are focused on the latest trends in the field of information and communication technology. We understand the necessity of constant improvement that must go hand in hand with growing demands of our clients. We based in Prague, Czech Republic.

“At eAssistance International we always put the customer first!”

Call us: +420 255 255 200

Medical Assistance

Thanks to our extensive network of hospitals, doctor’s offices, professionals and our own medical team we are able to assist with health-related claims all over the world.


Roadside Assistance

Through our wide network of verified providers of roadside assistance we help to any motorcycle, vehicle or truck in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Legal Assistance

Our goal is to protect our clients from the adverse consequences of casual legal disputes and related financial costs.


Doctor Consultation

House Call Visit

Legal Assistance

24/7 Call Center